Sidecars in the Snow

For many motorcyclists, snowfall means it’s time to winterize the bike and put it in storage. But for Ural riders, it means “fun” is in the forecast! A good example of this mindset is Motul, our official lubricant partner and sponsor of the ZIMKHANA event that took place last winter in Russia (see video below).


This year, the Motul Russia event featured sidecar racing in Novosibirsk, a city located in Central Siberia. The temperature clocked in at -25 C (-13 F), but that didn’t keep these fanatics from having a bit of winter fun.

The sidecar keeps the rig upright, providing confidence and stability on the slippery snow and ice.


Take it from, “the folks at Ural don’t want you to quit riding just because winter arrives. Back in the day, you needed a one-horse open sleigh to go dashing through the snow. Today, you need a Gear-Up.”

“A four-season adventure bike
with on-demand two-wheel drive”

In a past review by, they summed up their experience on the 2WD Gear Up by saying,

“With both rear wheels throwing up fluffy white roost, the Gear-Up belches forward unhindered by the slippery, wet conditions.”

Motul knows how to have fun; if you missed last year’s ZIMKHANA, click play on the video above! The sidecars were a hit with the crowd as they raced around festive obstacles and drifted on the icy surface.

Check out this cool custom build by @finecustommechanics in Moscow, a creatively modified Ural Gear Up used to tow motorcycles in the snow and ice.



We want to the thank Ural riders everywhere for sharing their sidecar adventures with the world. We love seeing pics and videos on social media so post with #uralmotorcycles and we may share your story!