Mihai's Factory Surprise

On his epic summer adventure Mihai and his family recently visited our factory in Irbit to see where his Ural was born.

Unknown to him we had arranged for his bike to get a full work through, giving it some love after over 70,000 kilometers on the road.

"I told them I only needed a gasket for my alternator and the small switch to turn on the rear brake lights. Then in 30 minutes my bike was completely apart and the guys started replacing all sorts of stuff on it.

I was there with my eyes wide and could not believe what is going on... I kept adding up the parts in my mind, counting everything they replaced, and started freaking out at what it would cost..." 

"They saw my face and started smiling. Relax! It's on the house!

We stood there in disbelief, really, it's beyond my ability to put into words... it's the biggest surprise I've had since I bought the bike. I just want you to know that this means a lot to us, and we are deeply thankful for this. I still can't believe what happened. A thousand thank you's for that, and I still feel it's not enough."

While we worked on Mihai's bike he explored the factory, sharing a rare look at our dedicated team building the newest batch of Urals. These bikes will be exported all over the world, ready to take customers on their next big adventures.

Photos by Mihai Barbu


Adventures in Japan

Our team in Osaka takes a long weekend to explore Japan and explore the bamboo forests!

Their Ride

2WD Gear Up in Asphalt Grey

Café Racer

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters wanted to hit the road and take their coffee to the people.  They customized their Ural replacing the sidecar with a fully functional espresso bar.  The strength of the stock sidecar frame allowed the Oak Cliff team to install the 450lb espresso unit without needing to modify the bike's frame, while still enabling it to travel up to 50mph.

They can ride to an event, pop the umbrella, and start slinging espresso in about 10 minutes.

Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks

An instant crowd pleaser, local Dallas businesses hire them to serve local office buildings and events.

Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks
Photo: aggie brooks

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Reports From The Field 7/27

This week we're checking back in with Mihai and his family on their current summer tour exploring Central Asia.  Last post they had just crossed the Pamir Highway to Kyrgyzstan on the Western border of China.

Photos by Mihai Barbu

On the shores of Lake Song Kul with their fully packed Ural Gear Up.

Endless roads in Kazakhstan.

Entering Karaganda, the capital of Karaganda Region in Kazakhstan. It is the fourth most populous city in Kazakhstan, behind Almaty, Astana and Shymkent.

Sharyn Canyon on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan.  This canyon sits 120 miles from China's border and is over 50 miles long.

First night camping in the canyon!

Their Ride

Mihai and his family ride our 2WD Gear Up in Gobi Camo.

Camping in Raspadalica

One the best parts of owning a Ural is the ability to pack your gear and ride with your favorite co-pilots.  Dominik recently took his Ural Gear Up camping in Raspadalica, Croatia with his wife and their dog, Higgs.

Photos by Dominik K.


Located 1,800ft above sea level, the campsite makes for an excellent launch site for hang gliding.

Raspadalica doesn't feature access to hot water or electricity but the owners of the property insisted on building an infinity pool at the edge of the hang glide hill. This gives guests an amazing opportunity to enjoy sunsets and views from their own private pool.

After hang gliding, you can take a 45 minute ride to Sipar beach in the seaside town Mošćenička Draga.

Vibrant water and excellent restaurants make this beach town a favorite among locals and tourists alike.


Dominik's Ride

Ural Gear Up in Asphalt Grey