Start 'Em Young

G'day!  We love hearing owner stories of how they explore with their Ural.  This week we bring you the adventures of one of our customers down under. @UralAdventures has been exploring all over Australia and Tasmania on his new Ural with his 2 sons as his co-pilots.

NOTE: When riding with passengers always use caution, wear protective gear and ride within your abilities.

Queenstown Tasmania, remote and rugged...

We love exploring Brogers Creek in New South Wales after this years rain season!

Start 'em young, pit crew helping with new accessories installation.

The sensational Kangaroo Valley in Tasmania!

Who will you ride with?

The Adventure Continues

Last year Mihai and his family took their Gear Up on an epic 4 month European tour.  This summer he's back on the road exploring Central Asia.

Mihai has perfected his Gear Up for long haul touring.  This year they're starting their journey in Uzbekistan.

"Got to Muynak, on the banks of the former Aral Sea. Good to be back, the wrecked ships are just were I left them, although the water seems to be even further away."

Mihai has traveled over 50,000km (31,068 mi) on his Gear Up since 2015.

Road trip essentials :)

Lunch break in Kattakurgan Uzbekistan.

100 kms away from Beyneu, Kazakhstan.

"Road from Aqtau to Beyneu. The Ural's fuel canister was worth its weight in gold."

Camping in Kazakhstan.

The road from Beyneu to the Uzbekistan border.

Nukus, Uzbekistan

Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

There is no gas in Uzbekistan. No, really, nothing. Petrol stations are all closed. In 1200km we could only find one that was working. In the rest of the cases it's a real challenge. You stop at some crowded place, ask for "benzin" and wait for someone to show up, that knows someone, calls him, checks if the guy has any, then try to understand the directions he's giving you.

What type of petrol we put in, what octane, how clean... I have no idea, but that's part of the adventure.

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Seattle to Los Angeles Non-Stop


Astoria, Oregon, 12:54 p.m.
194.7 Miles, 03:07 Elapsed Time

It was as warm as it would be for another 20 hours, and I was cold. Not freezing. That would come at night, when the sky filled with snow. When we couldn’t stop shaking. But right then, the day was a wonder. The low clouds broke to show blue sky, the spits of rain abating. And then I nearly dumped us both into the Columbia River.

It was Smith’s turn to tangle with the fuel transfer pump, this tiny, 12-volt thing we’d strapped to the sidecar’s fender. He was in the tub, facing backward, body in the breeze, wrestling with long plastic fuel lines full of gas. A line torn or caught in an axle and pressurized fuel would go everywhere. After which it would be almost impossible to refuel our Ural Gear Up on the fly.

And that was the whole point. We’d set off from Seattle that morning with the idiot intent of riding nonstop to Los Angeles. No getting off the bike, rider swaps at speed, and no stopping for anything but traffic.

Head over to to see the full story!

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