Ural Share the Chair 2019 Results


Our International Ural Ride Day was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year! We are grateful for the Ural community who gave rides to hundreds of passengers across the globe. Thank you to all who shared the joy of sidecar life on this special #sharethechair day!

Now, on to the award-winners! Some of these were difficult to choose since all of the participants are winners in our book. Keep scrolling down to see even more pictures of participants sharing the chair.

Best #sharethechair Story Award

Cheryl Baker from Fort Irwin, CA, spent her Ride Day on paw patrol. Giving our four legged friends a taste of the good life. If that face doesn’t bring you pure joy, it might be time to consider changing your name to “Grinch”. Congrats Cheryl!


Funky Passenger

Joe Kint from Davenport, IA took his Ural down to the Davenport train station, found himself a platform 9 3/4 look alike and rushed head long into the brick abyss. Appearing on the other side $100 richer and owning the only flying Ural. Or something like that. Congrats Joe!


“What a Fun Day! My riders ranged from a Grandma & Grandpa w/ Grandson, to the Headmaster of Hogwarts, with a couple foreign students & a fireman thrown in for good measure!” - Joe Kint


The award for most rides goes to Tom Shallon from Indianapolis, with 37 rides on his Ural! Congrats, Tom!


“We had our annual neighborhood party on September 7th, and I had a line for over 3.5 hours waiting for rides around the neighborhood!” - Tom Shallon

top scorer AWARD

Ural rider, Susan Mielecki, from Grand Haven, Michigan proves that despite what they say, religion and government can mix. Susan is one of our Top Scorers, logging 41 points on her Ural! Congrats Susan!

image (5).png
image (4).png

people’s choice award

Casey Blunk of the Broilingbrook area tickled our funny bone with this picture. Thanks for providing a little humor during this Ride Day experience. Congrats Casey!



We’re already looking forward to seeing your pics and stories during the 2020 International Ural Ride Day. In the meantime, we hope you all #sharethechair with your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers!

Ural x Motul Collaboration


Adventure seekers from across the globe look no further than Ural Motorcycles when they want to take life to the limit. Motul has an excellent, specific range of products which operate in extreme conditions, and it has now entered in a multi-year agreement with Ural to become official lubricant partner to provide lubricants for our whole range.

Together with Motul’s products, our motorcycles will become true bulletproof vehicles for Off-Road use everywhere in the world.

The Motul x Ural bike will be featured at a number of motorcycle events this summer. Feel free to stop by the Motul booth at any of the events listed below to check out this one of a kind Ural first hand.

We are pleased to reinforce our OEM portfolio with a true lifestyle brand, and it is great to have such an iconic brand as Ural become part of Powersport’s DNA for the benefit of many riders worldwide
motul caly.jpg

Bob and Van Test the 2019 Gear Up

Long time Ural Owners and friends Bob Vanarsdall and Van Le came up to the Ural headquarters in Redmond and tested our new 2019 Gear Up. We’ve always relied on feedback from our customers. Most changes to the product start there. Bob and Van are true enthusiasts and have acquired a deep knowledge of Ural over the years and models. Their thoughts and impressions were important for us to hear. We’d like to share them with you.

With almost 6 inches of snow on the ground and a tempurature of 28F it was starting to feel like we were at the factory in Irbit rather than Redmond, WA.

Van and Bob-1.jpg

Van Le is as dedicated a Ural owner as they come “One of the first Urals I bought, I took apart, then bought another one to figure out how to put it back together”


The test ride took us up curvy mountain roads and snow covered scenery. Truly testing the bike in all applications.

So far I’m very very impressed with the bike
— Van Le

Bob coming in hot for a corner “the bike feels lighter, it’s a lot more responsive”

If you’re into a Sidecar Motorcycle, this is the one
— Bob Vanarsdall

Van and Bob talking tech specs about the 2019 Ural Gear Up. For more content and behind the scenes footage, check out Van Le’s youtube channel.

Learn more about the 2019 Ural Gear Up

Sidecars in the Snow

For many motorcyclists, snowfall means it’s time to winterize the bike and put it in storage. But for Ural riders, it means “fun” is in the forecast! A good example of this mindset is Motul, our official lubricant partner and sponsor of the ZIMKHANA event that took place last winter in Russia (see video below).


This year, the Motul Russia event featured sidecar racing in Novosibirsk, a city located in Central Siberia. The temperature clocked in at -25 C (-13 F), but that didn’t keep these fanatics from having a bit of winter fun.

The sidecar keeps the rig upright, providing confidence and stability on the slippery snow and ice.


Take it from TopSpeed.com, “the folks at Ural don’t want you to quit riding just because winter arrives. Back in the day, you needed a one-horse open sleigh to go dashing through the snow. Today, you need a Gear-Up.”

“A four-season adventure bike
with on-demand two-wheel drive”

In a past review by Motorcycle.com, they summed up their experience on the 2WD Gear Up by saying,

“With both rear wheels throwing up fluffy white roost, the Gear-Up belches forward unhindered by the slippery, wet conditions.”

Motul knows how to have fun; if you missed last year’s ZIMKHANA, click play on the video above! The sidecars were a hit with the crowd as they raced around festive obstacles and drifted on the icy surface.

Check out this cool custom build by @finecustommechanics in Moscow, a creatively modified Ural Gear Up used to tow motorcycles in the snow and ice.



We want to the thank Ural riders everywhere for sharing their sidecar adventures with the world. We love seeing pics and videos on social media so post with #uralmotorcycles and we may share your story!


Video: Gear Up Review

Here’s a real-world perspective of our Gear Up by Jamie Robinson, aka MotoGeo, where he tests the 2WD capability, the hauling potential, and the overall fun factor of Ural sidecar motorcycles.

“The wife, the kid, the dog; everybody seems to love being in the sidecar.”


MotoGeo creates inspirational motorcycle travel stories, spearheaded by ex-motorcycle racer, Jamie and his wife Ely. He takes many two-wheeled adventures, often solitary trips, so the Ural has really opened him up to experiencing motorcycling with his family.

If you haven’t see our blog post featuring Jamie’s adventure with his wife and son, click here to read and watch the video.


“So many things that these sidecars can be used for!”

Learn more about the 2WD Gear Up by clicking here.