Meet Ural Baikal

Each winter, 500 miles southeast of Irbit, Russia, home of the Ural factory, the world's largest freshwater lake freezes creating over 400 miles of barren ice fields. 

Adventure seekers from across the globe navigate to discover one of the world's most demanding rides, battling -40°F wind chill and shifting snow drifts.

Riders like this inspire us to celebrate the spirit of adventure.
Meet our newest Limited Edition Ural Baikal.

 Becca and her sidekick exploring on their ural gear up.



We've been the world's leading maker of sidecar motorcycles for over 75 years. Trusted by riders across the globe, our motorcycles are designed for you to share the adventures and explore further.

Who will you ride with?



built from the ground up with 2 (or 3) riders in mind.

Urals are built tough to carry everything you need for extended adventures.  With a load capacity of over 1,300lbs you'll be able to haul all your favorite gear.


Incredible off-road traction & Stability

on-demand 2 wheel drive

Urals are the world's only sidecar motorcycles featuring on-demand 2 wheel drive.  Flip a lever and instantly engage power to both the rear and sidecar wheel.

"Nothing stood in the way of my 2WD Ural making its way to the top of the Pass through 2 ft of snow."

3 wheel confidence

how to ride a sidecar

Discover the difference between riding a sidecar and a traditional motorcycle.

meet the new generation

  • Fuel-injected 749cc boxer twin engine.
  • 4 speed transmission + reverse.
  • 2.9 Cu. Ft. lockable + watertight trunk.
  • Electric start.
  • Sidecar power outlet.
  • 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty (additional 3rd year optional).
  • High-quality components from industry standard suppliers.


We have over 60 dealers across the United States and Canada.  

Ural New England  |  Boxborough, MA

2017 Ural Models


The around town weekender.
749cc  |  Standard 1WD

Starting at
$14,499 USD / $16,999 CAD

Gear Up

The off-road adventurer.
749cc  |  On-Demand 2WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


The long haul touring companion.
749cc  |  On-Demand 2WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


Retro classic looks for modern riding.
749cc  |  Standard 1WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


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