Bob and Van Test the 2019 Gear Up

Long time Ural Owners and friends Bob Vanarsdall and Van Le came up to the Ural headquarters in Redmond and tested our new 2019 Gear Up. We’ve always relied on feedback from our customers. Most changes to the product start there. Bob and Van are true enthusiasts and have acquired a deep knowledge of Ural over the years and models. Their thoughts and impressions were important for us to hear. We’d like to share them with you.

With almost 6 inches of snow on the ground and a tempurature of 28F it was starting to feel like we were at the factory in Irbit rather than Redmond, WA.

Van and Bob-1.jpg

Van Le is as dedicated a Ural owner as they come “One of the first Urals I bought, I took apart, then bought another one to figure out how to put it back together”


The test ride took us up curvy mountain roads and snow covered scenery. Truly testing the bike in all applications.

So far I’m very very impressed with the bike
— Van Le

Bob coming in hot for a corner “the bike feels lighter, it’s a lot more responsive”

If you’re into a Sidecar Motorcycle, this is the one
— Bob Vanarsdall

Van and Bob talking tech specs about the 2019 Ural Gear Up. For more content and behind the scenes footage, check out Van Le’s youtube channel.

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