Happy Father's Day


When Father’s Day comes around, we’re often contacted or sent photos by sidecar families from around the globe sharing their stories of togetherness. We love it. And we love that Ural motorcycles play a big role in combining quality family time with motorcycling. Here are photos that have come across our desk and continue to make us smile.


“The Ural Sidecar is an amazing way to share motorcycling with my disabled son.”

Stephen Trudeau takes his son Devin for rides in the mountains, in the neighborhood, in parades and everywhere. What a great dad! Photo at right by JANN HENDRY/Acorn Newspapers

Mike Escamilla
Mike Escamilla

Mike Escamilla is a BMX pro, stuntman, and perhaps most importantly, a sidecar pilot for his daughter Luna.


Mihai Barbu is an incredible photographer and seasoned world traveler. He and his wife and son spent months traveling the world on their Ural Gear Up. Here they are at the highest point of their 17,000 mile journey, Tajikistan. Mihai said his son enjoyed the trip,

“I can guarantee you there isn't a child in the world that wouldn't enjoy riding in a sidecar motorcycle!”


Donni Reddington and her father Don spent 10 days traveling around Washington state via motorcycle sidecar to raise awareness for Alzheimer's. They're also pictured at the top of the article.

Jamie Robinson Ural Splashin

Jamie Robinson explored Southern California on our 2WD Gear Up with his family. He actually flew his dad in from England for a visit and weekend of camping and fishing. See the story here.

Good Spark Garage Camping with Ural cT
Good Spark Garage Camping with Ural cT

“We wanted to find a place off the beaten path where we could explore nature; the Ural helped get us right down into the heart of it all.”

Corey Wilkinson took his sons on a camping trip with his Ural cT, which made his father-son experience even more memorable.

Heindl Engineering - Ural Dealers

Here’s Dave and Jon Heindl, the father-and-son team behind Heindl Engineering. Jon is president of the company while his dad, Dave, is the vice-president and sales manager of this Ohio-based Ural Dealership.

Dustin Coldicott

Dustin Coldicott an avid sidecar rider with his family, knows that rides in the Ural will bring smiles to his kids' faces. Surely these little ones will have many stories to tell about riding with dad.

Ural makes a great gift idea.

If your kids ask what you want for Father's Day, Ural is a great gift idea. ;) Send them to this page. Or if you're a father of little ones, treat yourself to the best dad-mobile out there. We even have some special offers currently available. Happy Father's Day!

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