Camping Near Mount Fuji


We recently received this set of photos from our Ural Japan team, featuring an event called "YBC." It's an annual motorcycle event where riders camp within a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. Sounds like the ideal Ural adventure! Photos by Koichi Inagaki


Mount Fuji can be seen from Tokyo on a clear day, thought it is about 60 miles away. It’s the highest mountain in Japan (2nd highest in Asia) which provides a beautiful backdrop. Towering over everything around it, Fuji stands at 3,776.24 m tall (12,389 ft). 

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This adventure was made up of a traveling community of fresh air fanatics who came together under one big sky. 

Riders packed all their dietary needs, cooking utensils, and tents. Of all the motorcycles, the Urals were clearly the best pack mules, loaded with all the necessary goods and supplies.


A sidecar adventure starts the moment you start the engine.

There's something about the introspective time spent camping that is a good match for motorcycling. After a night of spending time with friends and sleeping under the stars, hopping on a motorcycle and propelling yourself through the trees and rocks simply adds to the continual outdoor experience.

Riders prepare to ride toward Mount Fuji where they will set up camp. 

Riders prepare to ride toward Mount Fuji where they will set up camp. 


A beautiful sunrise awaits the campers at YBC, with a majestic greeting from Mount Fuji in the distance. Where would you travel if given a chance to pack up a sidecar and venture out? So many places in the world are waiting to be explored and we've got the perfect adventure-mobile to do so! 

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