European Vacation Adventures

Destination wedding in Europe?  Let's rent a Ural.

That was the exact thought that Weston and his wife Mallori had when they received their invite.  Ural riders at home in California, they couldn't resist the idea of exploring the South of France and Western Italy on their favorite adventure mobile.

Words + Photos by Weston Walker // Bike Rental from Classic Bike Esprit

Mallori piloting from Verdon to San Remo Italy.  We loved the unexpected treasures on roads where you have know idea what lies around the next bend.


Never ending lavender fields in the south of France, we'll need to come back one day to see them in bloom.


On the Mediterranean island of Corsica. This place is incredibly beautiful and we can't wait to spend more time here exploring on our next trip!


About half way through the trip my camera completely fried.  Early morning cell phone shot while riding through Italy.


Curving, winding and rainy roads in Italy


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