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Around The World to NYC

Join us at Union Garage in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday, 1/14 at 7PM, for a live multimedia presentation by the intrepid adventurers of “leavinghomefunktion.” Their bikes will be on hand, fresh from the road, and their pilots will be here to tell us about their trip. We’ll have some light fare and cold refreshments. (Shoutout toSixpointfor sponsoring this event!)

In the summer of 2014 a group of art school classmates set out on an improbable journey. With freshly minted motorcycle licenses and scant collective mechanical experience between them, the odds seemed stacked heavily against them as they plotted an overland route from Germany to New York City—heading East to get to The West.


The effort would be monumental—including engineering a pontoon system to drive their bikes down a 1,600km stretch of river in Russia, navigating a maze of visa requirements, and surviving years of exposure to the elements.


Please do register if you’re interested in making it. Space is limited and we’re charging $10/ticket for this one – with all proceeds being donated to the group’s crowdfunding site.

And if you need another reason to attend, we’ll be using registrations as raffle tickets for door prizes. One lucky attendee will go home with our limited edition Ural Burn bag, a $380 value. Plus we’ll be raffling off other assorted swag.

As they’re *just* wrapping up their trip they still have gigabytes of photos and videos to process, but here are a few snippets of what they’ve experienced so far. This first clip is from the famous Road of Bones in Russia, and the second shows the ingenuity that helped them navigate 1,600 kilometers of river by Ural.

Cape Town to Dakar

Adventuring together for years, this Belgian couple decided to take their travels to the next level.

They decided to ship their Ural Gear Up to Cape Town South Africa and ride over 10,000km up the Western Coast to Dakar.  Let the adventure begin!


Packing prep for months on the road.


Bike being crated and prepped to ship from Belgium to Cape Town.


Their last photo at home before heading off.


Bike arrived safe and sound, now let's ride!


Field breakfast, the sidecar makes for the perfect prep area while off the grid.


Gas stop at the local village.


UDF (Ural Delay Factor) is very real, especially when traveling abroad :)  Prepare for the occasional crowds!


To make their way up the Congo River they hitched a ride with the local fishermen.


Upon arrival they realized there was no crane available to unload their bike.  The boat crew quickly jumped to action and had the bike back on solid ground in record time.


The Gear Up's on-demand 2 wheel drive was perfect for the African roads and mountain trails.


All smiles after finding a quick detour!


Success!  After nearly 4 months on the road they successfully pulled into Dakar.  Their bike traveled over 10,000km (6,000 miles), most of them off-road through every type of terrain imaginable.


Next stop Marrakesh Morocco!