Pacific Coast Highway

Lena and Kristina loaded up their Gear Up and hit the road to explore California.  They rode from Los Angeles, up the Pacific Coast Highway to explore Redwoods National Park. 13267516_1545835625721341_1190818031_n 13703185_1316352445046338_904007834_n

"See those happy faces enjoying one of the top 30 drives in the US? That's about an hour before we realized I left the backpack open on the back of the bike and lost a camera bag containing half of the trip's shots. At least we have this...and our memories :)"


Entering Redwoods National Park!  Established in 1968 the park is over 100,000 acres with the average Redwood tree being over 300 ft. tall! 13712383_1159037260783650_1378991260_n

Sidekick Odin, standing guard & waiting for a bite of roadside turkey sandwiches.


Trinidad, CA, an awesome beach town to AirBNB it then head off for daily adventures in Redwoods National Park & the Lost Coast!

"The town is small, clean, friendly, fairly priced, not crowded, and has super tasty places to grab lunch!"


We can never resist road side puddles in National Parks!




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