How To #sharethechair

On September 8th, 2018, the Ural community will be celebrating International Ural Ride Day. Ural owners and dealerships all over the world will invite as many passengers into the sidecar as they can. Some people will win awards for most points and best photos, so read these tips on how to successfully #sharethechair!


Tip 1: Just Ask

Like one of our Ural ambassadors says (Tracy Getty), “most people are floored that I’d even ask. In other words, don’t be shy, people might be more willing to hop in than you think. For inspiration, see Tracy’s story here.

Tip 2: Be Prepared

Before the big day, fuel up and give the bike a pre-ride inspection. Load up an extra helmet or two and plan a general route. NOTE: Reach out to your friends on social media ahead of time to give them a heads-up.


Tip 3: No Excuses

Maybe you work on Saturday (Sep 8th!). Maybe you’re coaching a soccer team. Just take the Ural with you and offer rides to your coworkers or your team. Heck, offer rides to the opposing team in the parking lot...that’ll net you a lot of points! 

Tip 4: Have Fun

This may be the most important tip. Who doesn’t like a smiling sidecar chauffeur? Create a lasting memory for your passenger by sharing your excitement with them. Dress up. Be nice. Laugh with your co-pilots!


Tip 5: Be Safe

This is about growing the sidecar community and having fun. This isn’t a time to be daring or show off your cornering speed. Rides can be short and sweet (and slow) and if the passenger is hesitant, respect that and simply have passengers sit and pose for a picture (which you can collect points for!).


Reasons Why You Should Participate

Remember the feeling of joy when you first rode in or on a sidecar motorcycle? Share this joy and give people a reason to smile! There is something special about human interaction in this busy and increasingly digital world. Your sidecar is the most amazing way to break the ice and break barriers. Just share the chair!

For every 10 passengers you give rides to, you’ll receive your International Ural Ride Day 2018 Star sticker. Register today!


Help us spread the word!

Use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to tell your family and friends. We’re a small company, but we know the Ural family reaches far and wide. Please join us in inviting Ural riders across the world to get out and #sharethechair! (Use this hashtag!)

Let's set a record by giving rides to as many people as we can on September 8th!