Australian Beach Excursion


The guys at Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine recently got their hands on a Ural to review, so they threw on a surfboard and headed toward the beach. Their test bike quickly earned their respect as they traveled down gravel roads and into the dirt. Photos and quotes by Mitch Lees


“This thing was tougher than we gave it credit for... with a new-found confidence in the Ural we headed for some dirt behind Mandalong, NSW and then for a beach the name of which we’re probably best not disclosing.”


“The bike has plenty of power for your average sidecar riders who want to cross rivers and mud.”

We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.

There’s a nostalgic allure with the Ural.

"If you’re looking for something different to take your other half for a spin on over the weekend, have a look into a Ural. There’s more carry space than some small cars! They’re a head-turner and I can guarantee it will be the talking point for bench racers every time you pull up to the pub."

Check out Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine, a great source for off-road motorcyclists of all types!


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