2018 #sharethechair Award Winners

Love this happy pic by  @mnnthbx .

Love this happy pic by @mnnthbx.

Our inaugural International Ural Ride Day was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year! We are grateful for the Ural community who gave rides to hundreds upon hundreds of passengers across the globe. Thank you to all who shared the joy of sidecar life on this special #sharethechair day!

Now, on to the award-winners! Some of these were difficult to choose since all of the participants are winners in our book. Keep scrolling down to see even more pictures of participants sharing the chair.

Superhero Award

The award for most rides given goes to Bear Campbell from Coarsegold, California with 52 passengers on his Ural cT! Congrats, Bear!


Top Scorer Award

Ural rider, Robin Weber, from the Northwest Territories in Canada is one of our Top Scorers, logging 48 points (just shy of Bear’s total) on a Tourist.


Funky Passenger Award

Appropriately captioned, “Superhero and his sidecar” this Goldendoodle and his owner, Graham Kier, really earned this award.


People’s Choice Award

$100 Ural Shop Gift Card: We love that Alma Villalobos of the Chicagoland area was able to provide her son with the joy of riding in a Ural cT sidecar in this #sharethechair moment...and so did the commenters on her Instagram.

Best #sharethechair Story Award

$100 Ural Shop Gift Card: Sure, it started off rainy in Peoria, IL, but that didn’t stop Jake Pitman from setting out to share the chair with a diverse group of passengers. From dogs to kids to people in service to their country and more, this is what riding a Ural is all about!


There were so many great pictures of smiling people in sidecars that we’re not going to be able to show them all! Here is a sampling of photos that we hope inspire others to #sharethechair next year.


Had a great day!!! Started out with neighbors and friends and branched out to firemen, EMTs & an unexpecting family leaving McD’s.

Joe Kint, Davenport, IA - 28 passengers


This was so much fun! I can't wait to give even more rides for next year's event!

–Ural rider in New York who gave rides to 18 passengers


Share the chair is what the Ural is all about, great fun was had by all.

Brian Reynolds, Rapid City, Manitoba, Canada

Blair Reyburn  from Apple Valley, MN

Blair Reyburn from Apple Valley, MN

Patricia Alonso , Jersey City, NJ

Patricia Alonso, Jersey City, NJ

Doug Davis , Basehor, KS

Doug Davis, Basehor, KS


This was fun! Thanks. My only concern is that we're 1 year away from the next Ural Ride Day!

Roque Lopez, San Francisco, CA - 19 passengers


We had a great time. Even a 13 year old wants to by her first Ural when she turns 17.  We are starting them young and keeping them feeling young here.

– Geoffrey Jay, Sugar Creek, Missouri - Gear Up - 37 passengers


These are the kinds of smiles that keep us smiling here at Ural! Photos by Jessy Johnston, who gave 45 rides on International Ural Ride Day!


Ural rider Cameron Anderson knows how to share the chair! He gave rides to a whopping 46 passengers in Sioux Falls, SD on his Ural Gear Up.

We’re already looking forward to seeing your pics and stories during the 2019 International Ural Ride Day. In the meantime, we hope you all #sharethechair with your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers!

From France to Austria

Ural Motorcycles and Motul present: A Motorcycle-Diaries adventure from France to Austria. "A la recherche du temps perdu" the story about a slow ride from Wheels and Waves to Austria through fantastic sceneries!


With the recent announcement of the official lubricant partnership between Ural and Motul, a very special Motorcycle Care custom motorcycle was developed at the IMZ motorcycle plant in Irbit, Russia.

The long, scenic route!

The long, scenic route!

We see our wheels as means to explore the world and to expand our horizons. 

Based on the Ural Gear Up model, with special matte and gloss paint, the red line on leather and rims are easy on the eye. This special trunk design can hold 10 products from the Motul MC Care range. First revealed during Wheels & Waves 2018 Biarritz, France. You can see the product in all its glory at Intermot 3-7th October Koln!


We are movers.

“You normally don’t find us often hanging out at hip motorcycle events. We do not really bother about the latest trends in chrome bolts nor do we consider ourselves tattoo-addicts, and we do not like to discuss about all the magnificent rides we‘ll probably never undertake.”


We soon give in to looking around, waving, smiling, taking pictures, reading, eating.

“And when you switch seats to the sidecar, thereʼs a sudden change. Yes, you can assist your driver and hang out, helping to take the corner or anticipate a slide.”


Ural x Motul

Learn more about the Gear Up and how you can create your own adventure. See the original post at Motorcycle-Diaries and check out the MC Care line of products from Motul.

How To #sharethechair

On September 8th, 2018, the Ural community will be celebrating International Ural Ride Day. Ural owners and dealerships all over the world will invite as many passengers into the sidecar as they can. Some people will win awards for most points and best photos, so read these tips on how to successfully #sharethechair!


Tip 1: Just Ask

Like one of our Ural ambassadors says (Tracy Getty), “most people are floored that I’d even ask. In other words, don’t be shy, people might be more willing to hop in than you think. For inspiration, see Tracy’s story here.

Tip 2: Be Prepared

Before the big day, fuel up and give the bike a pre-ride inspection. Load up an extra helmet or two and plan a general route. NOTE: Reach out to your friends on social media ahead of time to give them a heads-up.


Tip 3: No Excuses

Maybe you work on Saturday (Sep 8th!). Maybe you’re coaching a soccer team. Just take the Ural with you and offer rides to your coworkers or your team. Heck, offer rides to the opposing team in the parking lot...that’ll net you a lot of points! 

Tip 4: Have Fun

This may be the most important tip. Who doesn’t like a smiling sidecar chauffeur? Create a lasting memory for your passenger by sharing your excitement with them. Dress up. Be nice. Laugh with your co-pilots!


Tip 5: Be Safe

This is about growing the sidecar community and having fun. This isn’t a time to be daring or show off your cornering speed. Rides can be short and sweet (and slow) and if the passenger is hesitant, respect that and simply have passengers sit and pose for a picture (which you can collect points for!).


Reasons Why You Should Participate

Remember the feeling of joy when you first rode in or on a sidecar motorcycle? Share this joy and give people a reason to smile! There is something special about human interaction in this busy and increasingly digital world. Your sidecar is the most amazing way to break the ice and break barriers. Just share the chair!

For every 10 passengers you give rides to, you’ll receive your International Ural Ride Day 2018 Star sticker. Register today!


Help us spread the word!

Use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to tell your family and friends. We’re a small company, but we know the Ural family reaches far and wide. Please join us in inviting Ural riders across the world to get out and #sharethechair! (Use this hashtag!)

Let's set a record by giving rides to as many people as we can on September 8th!

Owner Spotlight: Tracy Getty


Meet Tracy Getty, a Ural rider from Washington State who lives life to the fullest with her sidecar. As we lead up to International Ural Ride Day, we wanted to share how Tracy goes about giving hundreds of sidecar rides and what this special effort means to her. Read on and learn how to #sharethechair for September 8th!  Lead photo by Live-N-Loud Photography


What year and model of sidecar do you ride?
It's a 2009 LE Sahara Gear Up. It’s called…WARCAT!

About how many people have you given rides to in your sidecar? Do you have a single-day record?
The very first ride I gave in WARCAT was on November 13th, 2009. Since then I have given 926 rides (as of this article). I document each ride with a photo and a caption to describe our outing. After the adventure I give my riders a button that says 'WARCAT HACK MONKEY' and I print their Hack Monkey Number on the back. People think that is pretty special. My single day record for single rides is 34.


People seem to be afraid of strangers these days and the sidecar helps to break the ice.

How do you go about inviting people to go for a ride?
I just flat out ask them if they want to go for a ride. Most people are floored that I’d even ask.

Have you ever given rides to complete strangers? Any memorable instances?
Most of my riders are complete strangers. I am a WWII Living Historian, so on occasions I will suit up like a Russian Soldier. I help out with events such as fly-ins, museum static displays, and military vehicle set-ups. I enjoy giving people rides around the grounds. Other times my sidecar has been used as rescue missions. One evening I gave a gentleman a ride to the gas station and back because he ran out of fuel. Another time I gave an elderly man with a fractured hip a ride home from the hospital because he was walking! I’ve even given a very special last ride a local motorcycle enthusiast who had a terminal disease. That was heartbreaking but I was proud to be there for him and his family. I didn’t know them beforehand but word got out that I give sidecar rides and the rest fell into place. We’ve done fun stuff, too. WARCAT was even the getaway vehicle for a wedding! During the reception I gave rides to wedding guests.

We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.

My sidecar and I have done a lot together but the best part is all the different people I get to meet along the way.


What reaction do you normally get from guest passengers?
Everybody is just ecstatic. Kids are all like, “BEST DAY EVER!” and they don’t want to get out.  Even the older generation light up like rockets when we go tooling around together.

I love it when people do “roller coaster arms” because they realize just how freeing it is to be a sidecar passenger.   

What inspired your effort to share your sidecar with the masses?
Not only are Urals the go-anywhere, do-anything rig, they are just FUN! They bring a smile to people’s faces. The Ural lifestyle is the silver lining in any gray day, and here in the Pacific Northwest we need all the sunshine and smiles we can get. Afterall, EVERYDAY is a #sharethechair kind of day for WARCAT & me!

Photo by  Jason Bledsoe

Photo by Jason Bledsoe

Help us set a record by giving rides to as many people as we can on September 8th!

Kids Love Sidecars

Ural Sidecar Motorcycle at the Orchard

We hear it all the time: “My kids love it!” After taking a scroll through Instagram and seeing pics that people send us, it’s clear that youngsters approve of the sidecar life. Here are just a few posts that put a smile on our face.

Kids Love Ural Sidecar Motorcycles
Kids Love Sidecars

Above: Instagrammer @timberwolftony and his daughter are logging many happy memories with their Ural. The beautiful photo with the dog was taken by photographer @rubensmodelli.

Ready for School

Li'l Anatole will be the coolest kid at daycare when his dad, Gwen, drops him off. This is the family, @the.life.motonomadic, who ventured across Australia in a recent blog post (click to see the article).

Kids Love Ural Sidecar Motorcycles
Kids Love Sidecars
Kids Love Urals

Some families know how to get the most out of their Ural.

Mihail Kichaykin is raising his kids with adventurous spirit. Getting outside, playing, exploring...a lifestyle that's a perfect match for sidecar riding. 


Urals rock!

5-year old Kristian approves and, being quite the skateboarder, he knows a thing or too about rolling in style.

Dustin and Kids
Kids Love Urals

"Getting lost is our favorite place to be."

One of our favorite Ural families, the Coldicotts, make their Ural a big part of enjoying life. Dustin (@dustincoldicott) chauffeurs his kids around on gravel roads and out into nature; teaching them the importance of stopping to smell the roses.


"Can we take the Ural?"

Ural motorcycles are a part of everyday life for the Wilkinson kids seen here and at the apple orchard above. The Wilkinson bros have raised their kids around these vehicles making the question, "can we take the Ural?" a very frequent request in both households!

Are you someone who wants to enter the realm of sidecar life with your family? Feel free to ask us any questions or peruse our website to learn more about the many accessories and equipment that would match your family's sense of adventure. 

Remember to be safe, wear a helmet and enjoy the ride! Watch our video on best practices when riding with passengers. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our “How to Ride a Sidecar Motorcycle” video here.