M70 Farewell

The bike that started it all.


 Since 1941 we have produced over 3 million sidecar motorcycles, many of which retained the iconic design of the original M72.

The first motorcycles were sent to the front lines in February of 1942 and used in the Battle of Stalingrad.

During the war, 9,799 M72's served in reconnaissance and dispatch detachments in addition to helping evacuate the wounded from battle fields.


As we look to the future with new developments, today we're announcing that 2018 will be the last production year of the iconic Ural M70.


Still sought after by those seeking the original military look, we have continued to upgrade the M70 over the years with the same modern improvements that have become standard on our Gear Up and cT models.


The Ural M70 will be available through 2018 with custom colors and all accessory options available.  Ural dealers will have full access to all M70 parts and warranty items guaranteed through 2028.

Here is Alberta based Destination Cycles, assembling a new 2018 M70 for their showroom floor.

As we say goodbye to the M70, we are expanding our sights to future products that will delight sidecar enthusiasts across the globe.

Finally, we're pleased to offer the M70 in our Retro Classic trim for our long time fans and true vintage enthusiasts!

model shown with optional accessories.

model shown with optional accessories.


Bucket list? Get your dream bike before it's too late!