Reports From The Field

This week we're checking back in with Mihai and his family on their current summer tour exploring Central Asia.  Last post they were beginning their journey in Uzbekistan on their Ural Gear Up.

Now 4 weeks later they've ridden the Pamir Highway to Kyrgyzstan on the Western border of China.

The highest point of their journey, Ak-Baital Pass in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. At 4,655 meters (15,270 ft) it's the highest point of the M41 highway.

Up high on the Wakhan valley in Tajikistan.

As the world's oldest sidecar motorcycle manufacture we often have customers sending us pictures of great flea market finds.  Mihai found this vintage Ural badge at a small market in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan!

Leaving Tajikistan for Kyrgyzstan, everyone was feeling the lack of oxygen during a stretch break on the Pamir Highway.

The mountain pass right before arriving at Song Kol Lakein Kyrgyzstan. 

Home for the night, sleeping in a yurt near Song Kol Lake!

Evening rain on the outskirts of Kyrgyzstan. 

Their Ride

Mihai and his family ride our 2WD Gear Up in Gobi Camo.