Ural Motorcycles 75th Anniversary


Celebrating 75 years!

Simply put, without you, there'd be no us.

To the explorers, world travelers, and storytellers, thank you.

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How it all began...

Our factory was born in the midst of the Siberian winter in 1941.

The small town of Irbit on the western slopes of the Ural Mountains became an unlikely hub to supply motorcycles for the war effort.

The first motorcycles were sent to the front lines in February of 1942 and used in the Battle of Stalingrad.

During the war, 9,799 M72's served in reconnaissance and dispatch detachments in addition to helping evacuate the wounded from battle fields.

Keep on riding...

As the war ended, the factory adapted to the growing post-war need for practical transportation.

The factory continued producing motorcycles with sidecars, building over 3 million units.

These military machines transformed into the functional vehicles of choice for ordinary folks and young families.

Today we carry on the legacy, building the best Ural yet.

Hubert has been circling the globe on his Ural for the past decade.
See his adventures on his blog, The Timeless Ride.

12 Years Around the World

"My Ural is like magic on the ice, snow and sand!

It has taken me through the brutal winter on the North Cape of Norway, Russian Trans-Siberian highway, Eurasian Steppe and even got me across the frozen Lake Baïkal.

Since then, I've ridden down the coast of Africa, spent a year and half in India, and last winter was in New Zealand.

I've had no major breakdowns on my Ural; the only problems stemmed from mistakes made by mechanics I met on the road!"

- Hubert Kriegel

Dave has been a pioneer taking Urals through some of the most difficult terrain in the U.S.

Most Fun Bike I've Owned

"I have been riding all types of motorcycles for over 55 years, everything from a Harley Road King Classic to a Yamaha R1.I believe in having the proper tool for the job at hand.

Which brings me to the Ural, it is hands down the most fun bike I have ever owned!

It's an excellent all weather bike, ready for any condition.

In my opinion no stable of bikes is complete unless there is at least one Ural in the herd."

- Dave Hooker

With over 100,000 km on her Ural, Tracy is just getting started. Whether it's sidecar rides at veteran events or geocaching, Tracy is never far from her trusty sidecar.

A Girl's Best Friend

"I cannot find the words to describe the pure enjoyment I get out of having a 4-season, all weather, piece of history to use for camping, commuting and exploring.

Because of this sidecar motorcycle I am ready for any adventure imaginable from rugged fun on the trails to a night out on the town.

Rumor has it that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… obviously those girls have never owned a Ural."

- Tracy Getty

To celebrate, we're offering our best deals ever.

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