What is Ural?

Ural was originally founded in 1941, tasked with building sidecar motorcycles to help aid the military in WWII.

After the war ended, motorcyclists fell in love with the practicality of our sidecars and their off-road capabilities.

Today, the newest generation of Urals retain their classic looks while being fully upgraded inside and out.

Who will you ride with?

Meet The New Generation

Today's Urals are backed by over 75 years of sidecar experience, distilled in the ultimate bike to share your adventures.

  • Fuel-injected 749cc boxer twin engine.
  • 4 speed transmission + reverse.
  • 2.9 Cu. Ft. lockable + watertight trunk.
  • Electric start.
  • Sidecar power outlet.
  • 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty (additional 3rd year optional).
  • High-quality components from industry standard suppliers.

Available at motorcycle dealerships nationwide.


4 Models, 2 Drive Options

Around Town or Off-Road?


Our cT and M70 models are both 1 wheel drive meaning just the rear wheel is powered. These models are perfect if you plan to ride mostly on road.


Starting at $14,499


Our Gear Up and Patrol models feature on-demand 2 wheel drive. 2WD locks rear and sidecar wheels together allowing the engine to drive power to both.  Think of it as the 4x4 SUV of motorcycles.

Starting at $16,499

ural_cascadia-1270 (1).jpg

"Nothing would stand in the way of my 2WD Ural making its way to the top of Snoqualmie Pass through 2 feet of snow."

Off-Road Testing

Once a year our factory team takes bikes off the assembly line to put them through the paces.

How To Ride A Sidecar

Wondering what it's like to ride a sidecar?  It's easier than you think!

Pick A Model To Learn More


The around town weekender.
749cc  |  Standard 1WD

Starting at
$14,499 USD / $16,999 CAD

Gear Up

The off-road adventurer.
749cc  |  On-Demand 2WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


The long haul touring companion.
749cc  |  On-Demand 2WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


Retro classic looks for modern riding.
749cc  |  Standard 1WD

Starting at
$16,499 USD / $18,999 CAD


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