Sidecar Camping


Camping is all about getting outside and enjoying the open air, something Ural riders know all about. Whether you travel to a faraway forest or a nearby campsite, a sidecar can make the experience much more memorable.

Ural cT touring gravel road
Ural cT sidecar camping
Ural Motorcycles cT camping goodsparkgarage

These pictures show how our Ural cT model is a perfect vehicle for a 2-day, 1-night mini-adventure inside the Hoosier National Forest. With 2.9 sq ft of trunk space and an added luggage rack, there was plenty of room for a tent, chairs, gear, and food. Once set up, these campers rode into town for extra firewood after exploring the gravel roads and historic sites in the area.

 A rack for your luggage...or loggage. :)

A rack for your luggage...or loggage. :)

Ural cT camping

The nose of the sidecar served as a good table for condiments and hot dog preparation. A lot of fun can be had around the campfire, but often, there are many things to see and do within a few miles. This cT helped cover a lot of ground while keeping its passengers out in the fresh air as they traveled to lakes, lookout towers, and trailheads.

 Not far away is the historic Story Inn near Nashville, IN, a great place to stop for lunch.

Not far away is the historic Story Inn near Nashville, IN, a great place to stop for lunch.

Ural cT camping
Ural cT exploring goodsparkgarage

Corey Wilkinson of Good Spark Garage chose this destination for a father-son weekend,

We wanted to find a place off the beaten path where we could explore nature; the Ural helped get us right down into the heart of it all.
Ural cT camping trip

Load up your Ural for a weekend outdoors and create your own special sidecar memories!

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National Demo Day is set for March 24th! Check out all the participating dealers and head over this Saturday to check out the new Urals, grab some food and get a demo ride. Most importantly, have some fun and ride!

The Ice Run 2018

What kind of people would plan a ride in subzero temps over a frozen Siberian lake? Answer: Ural riders. Hosted by The Adventurists, the 2018 Ice Run is now under way and headed toward the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal (the namesake of our recent Limited Edition Ural).

  Ice Runners packed and ready for departure.

Ice Runners packed and ready for departure.

What’s this route like? The Adventurists say “parts of the ice will be sculpted by the wind and smooth as a well-oiled otter, other bits will be as cracked as your nan's elbow.” Most of the Ural motorcycles they’re using on this trip are from the old days, a different animal than today’s completely upgraded models. But, it’s a testament to the workhorse origins of these adventure-ready sidecar motorcycles.

The Adventurists - The Ice Run.jpg
  Team Baikal Beach Boys before taking off on the 2018 Ice Run.

Team Baikal Beach Boys before taking off on the 2018 Ice Run.

It takes a special (crazy?) person to tackle the Ice Run; the team names reflect their sense of humor: The Maximators, Icy Dead People, Baikal Beach Boys, and Biscuit and Orange Juice. There are 11 teams participating over this 10-day journey in Irkutsk, Russia.

  Team James Poulter camping on the beach during the 2018 Ice Run.

Team James Poulter camping on the beach during the 2018 Ice Run.

As part of their incredible experience, the Ice Runners have raised funds for the environmental charity, Cool Earth. You can follow the trip and learn more about the Adventurists on their website.

  Image by The Adventurists

Image by The Adventurists

The Adventurists The Ice Run

Read more about our 2WD Gear Up and plan your own adventure!

Sidecar Tours in beautiful Colorado!


As any (and every) Ural owner, Scott Kirkwood has had his share of UDF (Ural Delay Factor) over the years. Then one day he decided to combine his love of Colorado with all the fun you can have in a sidecar and created City on the Side a sidecar tour company!


City on the Side provides an exceptional, personal and private sight- seeing journey, a different look, authentic and genuine, allowing passengers to experience the world from a completely unique perspective.


City on the Side is unique because they are located in such a beautiful part of the country. A state that can claim 300 days of sunshine plus beautiful mountain views combine for a perfect first ride in a sidecar opportunity. 

There is plenty to do in the Denver/Boulder area so even if you aren’t from the area it’s worth the trip out to spend a few days soaking in the sun, getting out on a hike or doing some wildlife spotting at Rocky Mountain National Park. 


Head over to City on The Side and get a trip booked!

Sidecar Down South

Ashley and Stephanie of @ride4lovetravels purchased their Ural off of Craigslist in Washington state and headed south.  For the past month they've been exploring and camping in Mexico with their trusty Ural rig. 

Christmas on the beach at Playa El Saltito in Baja Sur.


"While driving along the Highway 1 in Baja we spotted Adrian Oh @world_on_board We had heard about him while in Morro Bay, CA. A fellow friend told us he was in Ensenada...well, we found him on the road! Adrian is a rockstar, a total inspiration and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He has a dream and he is making it happen. He is skateboarding around the world 🌎 check him out @world_on_board".


Camping in Los Cocos on the western coast of central Mexico near Nayarit.


Who will you adventure with?


M70 Farewell

The bike that started it all.


 Since 1941 we have produced over 3 million sidecar motorcycles, many of which retained the iconic design of the original M72.

The first motorcycles were sent to the front lines in February of 1942 and used in the Battle of Stalingrad.

During the war, 9,799 M72's served in reconnaissance and dispatch detachments in addition to helping evacuate the wounded from battle fields.


As we look to the future with new developments, today we're announcing that 2018 will be the last production year of the iconic Ural M70.


Still sought after by those seeking the original military look, we have continued to upgrade the M70 over the years with the same modern improvements that have become standard on our Gear Up and cT models.


The Ural M70 will be available through 2018 with custom colors and all accessory options available.  Ural dealers will have full access to all M70 parts and warranty items guaranteed through 2028.

Here is Alberta based Destination Cycles, assembling a new 2018 M70 for their showroom floor.

As we say goodbye to the M70, we are expanding our sights to future products that will delight sidecar enthusiasts across the globe.

Finally, we're pleased to offer the M70 in our Retro Classic trim for our long time fans and true vintage enthusiasts!

 model shown with optional accessories.

model shown with optional accessories.


Bucket list? Get your dream bike before it's too late!