Ural of New England Spring Rally


People often consider Urals rare beasts, but citizens around Boxborough, MA see them in droves, especially during the Ural of New England Spring Rally. Here is a recap of this popular annual event that took place on May 5th, 2018 with a special homage to Fredda Cole.


Ural riders are a community of motorcyclists that gather when they can. Small groups or large groups, they're a likeminded bunch. The staff at Ural of New England intend for their Rally to be a great way for Ural enthusiasts around the world to come together and spend the day doing what they love, riding.

The Rally starts with a beautiful ride through the New England countryside.

 We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.

After the ride, Ural riders return to Ural of New England to feast on traditional Russian cuisine, relax, and tour the state-of-the-art facility. Attendees can peruse the latest in Ural accessories as well as a collection of unique automobiles and motorcycles.


Bring your co-pilot!

Enthusiasts of all types are welcome at this event. Some riders brought their pet and, as you can see in the pic above, they weren't limited to just the canine variety. :)


In Loving Memory of Fredda

One of Ural's greatest and most kind ambassadors was Fredda Cole, who recently passed away suddenly. The folks at Ural of New England had her sidecar on display along with a memorial at their Spring Rally, where she was a regular attendee. "We remember her today as she was, always a big smile on her face, and what she has done for Ride for Kids, and the Ural community. She remains the holder of the World Land Speed Record on her Ural, set in Utah in 2000 on the Bonneville Salt Flats."


Fredda and her husband Russ looked for any opportunity to combine their desire to do good with their desire to ride motorcycles. "She left large shoes to fill and we want to continue the legacy she began in helping these children. If you would like to donate to Ride for Kids or volunteer in honor of Fredda Cole, click here. Every event we've had here at Ural of New England, she has come and volunteered her time to help us out."

She made sure every person walking through our doors felt welcome.

 Fredda Cole and Russ Fitch during the 2014 Ice Run.  Photo by The Adventurists

Fredda Cole and Russ Fitch during the 2014 Ice Run. Photo by The Adventurists

If you get a chance to attend next year's Ural of New England Spring Rally they'd be glad to have you. Or, you can also check out their Summer Rally coming up in July at their North Hampton, New Hampshire location. 

Sidecar + Mountain Bike Adventure

Whatever kind of adventure you’re into, it’s often necessary to drive out to a starting point. Why not make that commute an adventure as well? Ural riders from all over have done this by making their own modifications to attach surfboards, kayaks, skis, or in this case, bicycles.

Watch the video!


The guys at Good Spark Garage decided to make their trip to the trails as much fun as riding mountain bikes. They fabricated and secured a hitch mount that doesn’t permanently attach to the cT's sidecar chassis and firmly holds their bike rack in place. The trunk still opens to store their helmets and tools.

Have an adventure on the way to your adventure!

 We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.

What adventures do you find yourself driving to that could be made even more memorable if you traveled by sidecar? Imagine the looks on the faces of your fellow enthusiasts when you arrive on a Ural, packed with your equipment.

Ural + MTB Adventure

“When we pull up, it doesn’t take long before mountain bikers approach the rig to take a pic.” – GSG

There’s plenty of storage with the ample trunk space and available steel for various mounts. Plus, it just looks cool in the parking lot. Folks who like the outdoors appreciate the Ural because of its adventure-ready design. It allows fresh-air fiends to be out in the elements before and after their ride, hike, run, climb, game, swim, etc. 


Folks who like the outdoors appreciate the Ural because of its adventure-ready design.


Learn more about the sidecar featured in this story or compare models to see which fits your lifestyle best.

A Moab Ural Expedition


What does a Ural rider do when he sees the daunting ledges, steep drops, rocky washouts, and off-camber trails of Moab, Utah? He invites more sidecar riders and heads toward the action! Follow along with this sidecar convoy as captured by Ural rider and photographer, Tim Laughlin.


We wanted to gather some real-world insight directly from a few of the riders in these photos and share it with you. As with any product or vehicle, you’re bound to come across some Negative Neds out there, but more often you'll encounter riders like these guys. Riders that roost dirt, climb hills, and bang through the gears while adapting to the whatever the environment throws at 'em.

They smile through gritted teeth. They are our people.

 We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.

Here are the riders we talked with:
Colorado resident, Tim Laughlin, the man whose window to the world you are looking through in this post, riding a 2011 Patrol. He has been frequenting Moab for the past couple decades, via canoe, Jeep and Ural.

Rich Chierici from New Jersey rode his well-used 2010 2WD model with admittedly worn tires. He has a lot of East Coast off-road experience, but had never ridden in Moab.

California rider Cris Liliedahl navigated the twists and turns, ups and downs on his 2008 Gear Up with his wife/co-pilot, Kimmie.


Would you recommend riding Urals in the Moab terrain to other motorcyclists? 

Tim: Definitely. Moab hosts an abundance of trails that vary in length, terrain, levels of difficulty, and it is fairly easy to link several trails together to form longer rides or loops. 

Rich: Yes, definitely! Part of the challenge of Moab is not always the obstacles themselves, but the setting. The 50ft drop off just a few feet away makes line selection that much more critical. Moab has this reputation of being really difficult wheeling for Urals; the reality is that the VAST majority of trails around Moab are easily navigated by Ural.


What’s it like riding a sidecar in Moab?

Tim: Knowing how to pick a line and the correct speed for ledges, drops, off-camber situations, and slope makes the sidecar a more challenging ride than just about any other vehicle. I do believe that the Ural has a big advantage over some other vehicles in the sand. Put it in two-wheel drive, keep the revs up, and it’s like surfing when floating through the deep sand.

Rich: Once there I found that, while challenging, I already had the necessary skill set to navigate Moab successfully. The rocks were a challenge, but not unlike picking a line up a rutted/rocky slope on the East Coast.

Cris: It's a fun challenge. Picking lines and drifting through corners is pretty great; needed to be careful of popping up the sidecar when negotiating stair steps.


What was it like to be part of a caravan of Ural sidecars?

Tim: I asked the lead driver of a group of approaching UTVs if they would wait while we all cleared a ledge, not only did they want to wait, they wanted to watch the circus. He asked, “What are you doing way out here?!”

Rich: It's always good to have a lot of riders around who understand your rig and who can share experiences, advice and gear recommendations specific to Urals.

Cris: Everyone is trying to find the best line so it feels like a friendly competition in who can make it up a run better.


Why do you ride a sidecar?

Tim: The ability to easily carry camping gear and/or a passenger combined with its esoteric nature make the sidecar a truly wonderful ride. My youngest daughter loves to ride in the hack and has traveled with me for a couple of local trips including the National Sidecar Rally when it was hosted in Hotchkiss, Colorado.  

Cris: I don't have to worry about dropping it with my short 26-inch inseam, which is a bit of a worry with my dirt bikes. It's the only thing my wife will ride with me because she no longer feels comfortable riding two-up on two wheels.


Anything sidecar riders should know about this kind of off-roading?

Tim: If you typically ride with someone in the hack, increase the padding especially at the edges of the tub and add a couple foot blocks to the floor of the tub like a kayaker might use. Also, at night out here, a good set of auxiliary lighting is a must as the area can be quite dark, especially with no moon out. Most of us carry a variety of spare parts and a good set of tools. Like any other vehicle in this terrain, you just never know what may need attention.

Rich: Know your bike! That means knowing where the low hanging parts of your bike are located, know what size obstacles you can straddle and be aware of your approach angles and how big of a ledge or ridge you can drop off or negotiate without getting hung up or high-centered.


We tip our helmets to the adventurous riders in these pics and send a big thanks to Tim Laughlin for sharing the pics (follow him on Instagram). This group of Ural riders has an incredible story to tell and memories to revisit for the rest of their lives.

What kind of adventure will you take? Ready the cameras, load up the sidecar, and ride your own story!


Touring Through Kyushu

Touring Through Kyushu

Kyushu is the third largest of Japan’s four main islands and ideal for sidecar riding. The island is mountainous and features Japan's most active volcano, Mt Aso at 5,220 ft. It’s also known for having many hot springs and lush vegetation. Photos by Katsuji Ishii

Japan Kyushu
 We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.
Touring Through Kyushu

Our sidecars are made for handling all kinds of terrain and comfortably accommodating your co-pilot.

Of course, they can also carry all the supplies you need for an adventure or a leisurely tour through the beautiful countryside with a friend. 

Touring Through Kyushu
Touring Through Kyushu Japan
Touring Through Kyushu
Touring Through Kyushu
Touring Through Kyushu

Follow our team in Osaka.

Waffles the Sidecar Dog

Waffles the Sidecar Dog

Meet Waffles, a Great Dane from the Golden State who loves to ride in her dad’s Ural sidecar. If you’re around Modesto, California, you may have seen this 1-year old pup proudly riding shotgun in a 2018 Ural Gear Up. Photos by Waffles_P2K

"The open air feeling was awesome. I tend to go with my dad everywhere" –Waffles

We asked these questions to get Waffles' insight on sidecar life:

Ural: What is your favorite thing about riding around in a sidecar?
Waffles: People can see me now! Before the sidecar, I rode around in this large metal box thing, with four wheels and people and other pups would rarely get to see me. Now they see me first – basically I have made the red lights and traffic enjoyable for people and other pups!

Ural: What do people or dogs do when they see you on the road?
Waffles: Most laugh, some seem confused. Pups in the metal box things seem jealous; many take photos of me. Almost all dogs bark at me and ask me how I convinced my human to get one of these Ural things. 

Ural: How did you react to your dad’s sidecar at first?
Waffles: The Ural was a little louder but I adjusted to it well – the open air feeling was awesome. I tend to go with my dad everywhere. When dad first adopted me, one of our first activities was bike trails and I would travel along in a trailer for kids. The first day we went riding someone started talking to us at a red light and asked how long I had been riding in a sidecar. They were shocked when my dad told them it was my first day.

Waffles and Dad Cruising
Puppy Waffles
Waffles with Dad

Here are the questions we asked Waffles’ dad, Ryan Bauman.

What year and model Ural do you have?
I don’t have a Ural, But Waffles has a pretty sweet 2018 Ural Gear Up in OD Green. She picked up her Ural from Triquest Motorcycles in Santa Clara, CA and had a great experience working with them.

Did you make any modifications or use additional equipment to accommodate Waffles?
Yes, safety was priority number one for Waffles, me, and the people/pups we share the road with. I ensured Waffles was safe and secure her in the sidecar at all times. I fabricated an adapter that bolts inside the trunk using the factory top bolts for the seat. Two Dog Dog Seat Belts with elastic nylon bungee buffer were added and come out on the sides of the seat. This helps Waffles stay centered when riding and helps her stay in place when braking. We also ditched the shovel, and used those mounts for Waffles' Squish Face toy. It is her favorite toy by far and I am not allowed to go anywhere without it.

Would you recommend a sidecar to other pet owners?
Yes, unless you don’t like making people and other pups smile, meeting new people, having photos taken of you constantly and turning every grocery run into an opportunity to meet new people that either love dogs, motorcycles and the outdoors!

"DO IT ALREADY, you and your pup will have a blast and it is a great opportunity to meet people in your community!" –Ryan, Waffles' dad

 We offer a full ceramic protective undercoating to combat snow, salt and grime.
Waffles the Sidecar Dog

Visit Waffles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you and your best friend are interested in riding sidecars, call your local Ural dealer or visit their shop to learn more. If you have a two-wheeler to trade in, we have a special offer here. This could be the start of a new adventure for you, but like Waffles and her dad, we encourage you to look into how you can safely enjoy your travels!

Do you ride with your dog? Post pics on Instagram and tag #uralmotorcycles and #sidecardog and we may feature them in a future post.

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