Ural motorcycles gained popularity and a loyal following among motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.  Ural riders appreciate the bikes’ on- and off-road capabilities, ease of maintenance and certainly love the bikes’ classic appearance and feel. Our company is known for listening closely to customer feedback, and as such Ural has implemented a large number of changes and upgrades over the years.

We at Ural felt that the concept of a complete factory produced sidecar motorcycle has even bigger potential than what our previous models were able to deliver. So we began working on this project two years ago. The idea was to introduce a number of more advanced technical and functional features, while still maintaining Ural’s classic look, ruggedness and unpretentious character.

The four main areas we focused on were:

  • Engine performance
  • Handling
  • Braking
  • Overall fit and finish




What It Was

Prior to 2014 all models of Ural motorcycles had been manufactured with carburetors. Carburetion allowed the user to make adjustments and accommodate different riding styles when necessary. While this is considered to be an advantage by some motorcycle enthusiasts, the benefits of EFI system are undeniable. Even though Ural could have continued with carburetion for a few more years, we decided it’s time to switch to EFI if we are to grow the brand and expand our customer base.

What It Will Be

2014 Urals feature the new standalone fuel injection system. This system has been developed specifically for Ural by ElectroJet, Inc., a Michigan-based engineering company, using components by Bosch and Delphi.

It’s a closed loop throttle body injection system utilizing individual ECU’s for each of the cylinders. This system precisely manages fuel delivery and ignition timing while simultaneously allowing the cylinders to communicate with each other for better idling and balance.

The most unique feature of our system is the individual ECU’s integrated with the throttle bodies.  It’s a compact and redundant system which allows the motorcycle to continue running with just one out of two ECU’s operational.  Our ECU also incorporates a PDS (pressure differential sensor) for more accurate and smooth fuel delivery, eliminating the need for additional TPS (throttle position sensor). The throttle bodies were specifically designed in a way to maximize performance while minimizing modification to existing engine components.

EFI is not the only piece of the puzzle.  We completed the package with an all new air box and an improved cam profile.

The new airbox is almost two times larger in volume. This provides less restrictive airflow and better balance. The airbox inlet has been relocated to make the system more weather resistant and easier to service.

The profile of the camshaft was revised for shorter duration to increase the low to mid- rpm torque.

What Is Does

The three main benefits of EFI are obvious: it is more user friendly, provides better fuel economy and reduces emissions.

While the deployment of EFI and redesign of other engine components increased the maximum horsepower of our 750 engine, the real story is torque.

For a motorcycle with the sidecar that weighs over 700 lbs., you need a lot of torque to overcome the moment of inertia. And we achieved just that. The engine now produces 42 ft-lbs of torque at 4300rpm compared to previous 38 ft-lbs of torque at 4600 rpm – that’s a 15% increase! What’s even more impressive is that 90% of max torque is achieved below 2300 rpms – and that puts the power where you need it.

What It Comes With

The engine now comes with redesigned front cover integrating a standard spin-on oil filter.

A new wire harness incorporates all new requirements for EFI utilizing high quality weather tight connectors.

The dashboard was redesigned to include fuel level warning and engine management indicator lamps.




What It Was

Since 2003 Ural motorcycles have utilized Brembo hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheel, and drum brakes for both the rear and sidecar wheels.  The drum brakes required the rider to apply more force to the brake pedal.  Also this configuration required more frequent maintenance and adjustment.

What It Will Be

Beginning in 2014 Urals will feature disc brakes on all three wheels.

The rear wheel utilizes a big bore integrated floating caliper by HB (Hayes Brakes) and a 256 mm solid NG rotor. The caliper also incorporates the mechanical parking brake feature.

The sidecar wheel is equipped with a two-piston Brembo caliper and a 245 mm NG floating rotor.

Both rear calipers are operated by their own Brembo master cylinders.

What it Does

The new system provides dramatically increased stopping power while requiring less rider effort. Having three individual braking systems provides for the highest level of redundancy and the ability to precisely tune the entire system.

What it Comes With

During the development of the rear disc brakes we completely redesigned all wheel hubs. They now utilize standard sealed bearings with additional protective dust seals.

The rear hubs no longer utilize cast-in drive splines. They are now equipped with replaceable hardened bolt-on spline flanges. The rear wheel hubs will no longer need to be replaced due to worn drive splines.

The parking brake actuation lever was redesigned and conveniently located to simplify rider operation.

The introduction of disc brakes allowed us to develop a new final drive housing, which is lighter and universal across the entire model line.

The front brake reaction link on leading link forks is now made by FRAP (Italy) and utilizes higher quality ball joints of increased strength.



What it Was

The current Urals utilize a mechanical friction type steering damper. This simple design, while adjustable, doesn’t provide consistent handling under different riding situations. Thus the motorcycle requires constant rider input.

What it Will Be

The new system incorporates an 18-position adjustable hydraulic damper. This damper specifications were carefully selected for use on our sidecar motorcycles and confirmed after extensive on- and off- road testing.

What it Does

Riding the bike, equipped with new damper, requires less rider input while feeling more “planted” and connected to the road surface. As an added benefit, the hydraulic damper reduces the amount of sidecar specific yaw (pull to the right or left when accelerating or decelerating).  For newbies to sidecars, it eases the transition from two wheels to three wheels.

What it Comes With

In conjunction with the development of the steering damper we also incorporated newly designed upper and lower triple clamps (bridges). These bridges are now made from forged aluminum alloy which is both stronger and lighter. Additionally the upper clamp incorporates handlebar mounts. Fork legs are now secured with pinch bolts in place of the original factory tapered upper mount.



In addition to all the performance improvement the motorcycle has undergone substantial makeover.

The classic look of the Ural has been preserved but well refined. Some of the improvements include new kneepads and badges on the gas tank, improved preformed hoses for fuel lines, breather and reservoirs.

The new dashboard with modern indicator lamps is more aesthetically pleasing and at the same time better follows the contour of the headlight and the upper triple clamp.

The new front engine cover is slimmer and cleaner in appearance and incorporates the IMZ logo.

Some other small details also add to the overall appearance.


Ural Gear Up Asphalt Gray

Gear Up- Asphalt, MSRP $15,999*


Gear Up – Sage Green, MSRP $15,999*


Gear Up – Battleship Blue, MSRP $15,999*


Patrol – Red/White, MSRP $15,599* (Also comes in Black/Silver combination)


Patrol – Blue, MSRP $15,399*



Ural T – Flat Black (Also comes in Red), MSRP $12,399





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81 Responses to Ural 2014 – Rethink What You Thought You Knew About Ural

  1. Erik says:

    Sounds verry good, hope one day i will be driving it!

    Keep-up the good work!

  2. Dan says:

    The 2014 Ural looks great. Best of Luck to all that Drive, Build and Market this wonderful machine.

  3. J. W. McCorkle says:

    This is some of the best information I’ve seen and I look forward to seeing (and riding) the new Ural.

  4. Leonid Orlik says:

    2014 model line up and pictures please

  5. Vince says:

    How many gears will it have? Reverse?

    Thank you

  6. mark jenkinson says:

    so you have fitted fuel injection. may I ask how it will be fixed by the side of the road far away in a distant land adventuring.
    which I may add is the reason people by Urals
    I appreciate its modern. fuel efficient .but needs to be fixable with minimum fuss and trouble
    I had one of Harleys road kings I sold it because every thing that went wrong meant it had to come home on a truck
    my other Harleys have points ignition and carbs .I can fix by the side of the road
    and hydraulic steering damper will these new bikes come with seals and oil so when the sand /grit has caused it to leak and the instructions how to fix that by the side of the road.
    please make your new bikes be able to retro fit the old parts with ease.
    well done on the replaceable splines in the back wheel Honda had the same idea on there goldwings

  7. Fred Chalmers says:

    Admirable improvements all the way around. Good work! Some of the old timers are bound to complain about EFI, but I’m glad you’re doing what’s necessary to keep the brand alive and growing. The braking updates are also HIGHLY appreciated! I can’t wait to check out your new bikes!

    Happy holidays! :-)

  8. mark jenkinson says:

    a further note can you make an stainless upswept exhaust as an option for some of us to use off road

  9. Mike says:

    I I tightened up every time you said”at a higher price,too”.
    $16k I’m I interested now.Need to see rig up close and save 5 more grand.

  10. Bruce Gabriel says:

    I own a 2012 Ural-T with 9,400 km to use as a trade in…I want a new Red + White Patrol!

  11. Vincent Santamaria says:

    WOW. Very impressive updates to the Urals. I am seriously considering trading in my 2012 Yamal for a 2014.

  12. Dan Muhs says:

    Will the Patrol T be offered? Which wheel locations will the spare tire fit?

    • IMWA says:

      Dan, Patrol T will not be offered in 2014. Regarding the spare wheel…we knew the question about spare wheel fitment would inspire more discussion than any other change we are introducing in 2014. So here is the answer. The spare wheel was primarily designed to replace the “pusher” rear tire. This position has proven most common for punctures leading to flats (90% of the time per our observations) and is also susceptible to the most wear. In an emergency the spare wheel assembly can be fitted to the front and sidecar positions of the motorcycle yet the brakes will not be functional. It is not advised to ride the motorcycle without fully operational equipment of any kind, especially the braking system. Fitting the spare to the front or sidecar would be for extreme situations only where you had no alternative but to get yourself out of a predicament.

  13. Steven Austin says:

    Will warranty parts service be improved? having to wait weeks for replacement of final drive unit was nearly un-bearable! Now I’ve been waiting a week to replace a broken swing arm with no resolution in sight—a tough position to be in as my 2012 Gear Up is my sole(soul) means of transportation. I love my Ural!!!!!

  14. jon says:

    Love the upgrades especially the reduction of fuel consumption. The price I’m not loving too much and hard to justify getting the wife to let me buy one.

  15. Dave Tarsey says:

    Me and wife combination. Yeah, can see that.

  16. juventino says:

    I´am Ural enthusiast. I dream buy one in Irbit and come back riding to Brazil.
    Please, can you help me ?

    best regards

  17. Stan Zukowski says:

    Is there a reason why none of these photos shows a windshield on the hack?

  18. harry braswell says:

    are you still making the motorcycle without the sidecar as i was consider buying both

  19. Wendy Ellis says:

    My 56th birthday is coming up. I am considering my first motorcycle. I have concerns about a two wheel bike, I am a woman, and probably would not be able to pick up a heavy bike should I dump it. But I don’t want a wimpy little bike. I need to be able to carry things too. I was considering a Can Am Spyder, but my dad owned one and advised against it. Not comfortable cruising, and too much driving work. I live in Las Vegas, and see there is a dealer in Henderson, Nevada. Very close. What about maintenance and repairs in my area? How much owner maintenance is required? Looking at 2014the models, are they available now?


  20. John says:

    Add ABS to the mix and you will have my attention.

  21. Bob says:

    When will the 2014 models be available for purchase?

  22. Fred Dyen says:

    What about the interchangeability of the wheels? I understand that the spare can fit the rear wheel, what about the sidecar or front?


  23. Ron Grimes says:

    When will the 2014 models be out to the dealers?
    Are there any new dealers being added in GA?

  24. MG says:

    One item of question would be the spare tire in regards to the new hub design to accommodate the disk brakes on rear and sidecar….is the spare once again a universal spare?

  25. Cal Pounds says:

    Do you know of an electric camber adjustment maker’s product that can be fit onto the Ural sidecar? My current Hannigan sidecar has this and I have found it to be a wonderful feature. I wish my previous sidecar had this feature and I want my next to have electric camber adjustment, too. If there isn’t a way to add camber adjustment, can a solo Ural be purchased that has all attachment points, etc., for a sidecar? There is a sidecar available that looks a lot like the Ural sidecar and has electric camber adjustment available. Thank You.

  26. Robert Cowels says:

    Now at last your 2014 model looks like a winner. It’s about time. Now it will be a 2 year waiting period. SIGH.

  27. Edwin Winet says:

    Congratulations on your responsible choices for the upgrades without sacrificing the essence of Ural’s history.
    It pleases me that you have chosen torque, Important for an off-road capable “Rig”, — over a mostly useless horsepower escalation. 70 mph, better economy, EFI, All discs for stopping, “spin-on” filter, hydralic dampening AND adjustability, and imroving the final drive bearings & spline being separate – ALL sound great. Your upgrades seem very sensible to me. Your blog mentioned that the EFI wiring will have new style connectors, which I would expect, but I ask: A: where is the fuel pump (external or inside the tank)? B. Has the tank size increased? C. Have you modernized the REST of the wiring loom & included modern fuses? D. .Have you improved the tank seam weld? E. Is just one more gallon reasonable? E. Dual (HI – LO) (or KLAXON) horn option. F. How about a flatter profile tire option for the three wheel Urals? G. How about a simple jack setup? Is this already available? H. How about a Ural (fox hole) Hoe/Shovel combo. & bracket? Is this available? How about a tow rope & bracket? Is this available? (I may have to pull a Jeep out of a ditch!). I really like our 2002 Ural Patrol. The Earl’s style front fork is a blessing! I’ve been riding 2 (& now 3) wheels since 1953. I enjoy your “extras” that show the Ural “in its element” and on the street, too. My Wife finds the chair very comfy. Your choices for COMMON SENSE improvements have my approval. I also enjoy the irbit ‘factory visits”. With kindest regards, Edwin Winet, Winet Technical Services. – 30 -

  28. Niels R. says:

    Very nice update! Is this an update that will be available only in the US or is this worldwide?


  29. Zachary Silk says:

    I would like the Gear Up in Battleship Blue please!

    I’m seroius, where and when can I buy one?

  30. Oz says:

    I sure hope carb is still available because I sure am not thrilled about EFI on any bike, especially the Ural.. And I was actually planning to get me a GearUp come new year, now I’m gonna have to rethink my alternatives.

  31. Sidecar Bob says:

    So how do you interchange are the wheels (e.g. use the spare or rotate the tires) when all 3 discs are different diameters?

  32. Larryb says:

    Niice, someday I’m gonna have me one of these..

  33. Wayde Jackson says:

    WOW! I think you almost have it! Everything looks & sounds great!
    Except two things are missing. The engine displacement & transmission.
    I ended up getting rid of my 2012 Patrol because I almost got killed driving through the Smokey Mountain area of the Eastern US. I tried to avoid the interstates as much as I could but was forced to take them on a couple of occasions. The top speed I could obtain on the hills was 60KPH in a 120KPH zone. I almost got run over a number of times.
    The day Ural up’s the displacement to 1000cc’s & ads a 5th gear I will line up to purchase one again.
    The new improvements for 2014 are great, but still need MORE POWER!
    Keep up the good work, hope there are more improvements soon! (I really want to get another Patrol or Gear Up!)

  34. Wayde Jackson says:

    Incase someone from Ural actually reads these posts, The exhaust also needs to be raised so we can really play!

  35. tim says:

    will there be a 2014 solo with similar features?

  36. James Ciolek says:

    I have been interested in the Urals for quite sometime and the changes for 2014 have peaked that interest, I like the Patrol and the Retro models
    the most. I look forward to seeing more information on them.

  37. Larry Reed says:

    with all 3 wheels with similar brakes, will the spare now work on the front? man o man that battleship blue is sure Purdy!!

  38. Frost says:

    You guys really should retain the camouflage patterns from earlier Gear-Up iterations!

  39. james says:

    I have been interested in the Ural since I first saw it a few years ago. I currently have 2 Harley’s and love em both my first bike was a 1952 Harley 125 and have had many kinds since but thinking I want a Ural for the winter time here in Michigan as I would love to ride every day no matter the weather !! love the idea of the 2 wheel drive

  40. PeterC says:

    Will there be a Tourist model?

  41. John says:

    2014 Solo? The EFI and other upgrades definitely moves the Ural into the competitive market. I am looking now for an early spring purchase. Must be Solo…

  42. Lin Crabtree says:

    I’ll wait till the bugs are worked out of the new machine.I will buy one in 2015.

  43. Mark Halkin says:

    I applaud all the changes for 2014. When will you offer a 5 speed gear box and an improved final drive? When that happens I’ll trade in my 2012 Patrol.

  44. john says:

    Will there be a Retro fit for the pre 2014 models?

  45. James Blankenship says:

    The light blue Gaucho wins the perfect color award.

  46. Paul says:

    I didn’t think the Ural line could get any better looking…but it just did!!!

  47. John says:

    Looks kickass.

  48. John says:

    How about self adjusting values?

  49. srinivas says:

    Wow, its look great

  50. Titus45 says:

    I’m curious about the diiferent disk brake setups on each wheel. If the spare wheel is swapped in for a flat, can the brake disk be easily moved over?

  51. Ken says:

    I have followed Ural motorcycles for a few years. With the improvements, I will have to go take a really close look and consider a purchase for sure.

  52. dave leblanc says:

    I gotta admit..im getting more and more interested in ural bikes..ive been reading about them for 5 or 10 years now..we have a dealership here in new England in Boxboro ma run by dimitri from Moscow..ive been there a few times…beautiful place with great cars and motorcycles…dimitris a gas…anyway..ive had 13 bikes over 48 years of cycling..and recently retired…im impressed with the upgrades for 2014…well see what happens…thanks..dave

  53. Timothy Adkins says:

    I really like all the 2014 improvements and I would love to ride that Battleship Blue Gear Up home !

  54. James says:

    Please at least say whether or not your past models will be offered. (I.e. Retro, Tourist, Solo, etc…)

    • IMWA says:

      James, we will offer M70 and Retro Classic in 2014. These models will be available April-May of 2014. Tourist model is discontinued. Solo sT will be available on per-order basis. We are now compiling FAQ for 2014 related questions, this info will be available next couple of days.

  55. “For newbies to sidecars, it eases the transition from two wheels to three wheels.”

    i’m one of THEM. so new in fact that haven’t DONE a damn thing! BUT i do love ‘em. why? for allot of reasons – besides looking rugged and compact, there’s the additional MYSTIQUE of their (the engineering specs) being, possibly, a direct spin-off of bmws, and we ALL know how good they are. anyway – i was motivated to write you guys and tell. who knows? maybe i spoke for someone else.



  56. 1 FXDB, 1 KLR, 1 V65 and a "T"? says:

    Remarkable. I remember wanting one way back in the late 90′s and looking at them while I was at Fort Lewis. I was cautious as at that time, they were basically an mid 70′s AMF Harley. You would need two, just to keep one on the road. Then came the decent electricals, then the brakes, and now suspension and fuel injection. Okay, I’m sold. Time to put the money down and try and make more room in the garage.

  57. Scott Gillespie says:

    How will the fuel injection handle aftermarket exhaust , or cam changes. I had a 2006 Patrol that I loved till it died in a house fire 2 years ago . I was looking at a new one but this EFI system worries me on mods.

  58. Paul says:

    What type of oil filter? Is it a common sized one, or something only available through Ural?

  59. Nigel says:

    Sounds great ! But it has to leak to be a true Ural ! (only joking )

  60. Alejandro says:

    Me gustan mucho. Me encantaría tener una, pero en mi país no está representada y he pedido precio a la fábrica para traerme una, pero no obtuve respuesta. Me agradaría mucho pasear en una Ural con aire retro. Es como pasear con un pedazo de historia. Saludos.

  61. James P. Smith says:

    I’ve been an admirer of the Ural since 1999. I really liked the Cream and Blue color combination you had then. Haven’t seen if offered since. Too bad. However your Black and Silver sounds interesting, what does it look like. Your 2014 upgrades are great. I, too, would like to see more power and speed in order to compete safely on the freeway. Tell me if the Cream and Blue is available. Thanks. Go Ural.

  62. Shawn says:

    Owner of a 2011 Gear Up. After some jetting changes, my Gear Up will cruise at 65 to 70. However, I was advised against this even if it is capable because of the rear drive components. I have looked and looked at the pics and cannot see (from them) any differences.
    Has the rear drive components been replaced to improve the reliability when cruising at 65-70?

    By the way, an EXCELLENT and informative write-up, thanks. You have me wanting one but I still want Camo!

  63. Jacques Eicher says:

    Very nice, you guys need to come up with a stainless upswept exhaust same as what Hubert had for a while. If you don’t know how to do it, look at an old BMW GS80 or a BMW 80ST (has to come out on the opposite side of the side car….) Then, it will really look awsome. :)

  64. JG says:

    Got to ride a 2014 Gear-Up a few weekends ago… what a fun machine! Steady and straight, like a train on tracks. Pulls strong, like a mule. I was impressed.

  65. JM says:

    Am I seeing correctly that none of these Urals come with heated grips or cruise control? Doesn’t is seem crazy that a motorcycle that advertises being ridden on snowy conditions doesn’t come with heated grips? ALL MOTORCYCLE MANUFACTURERS need to offer cruise control and heated grips for motorcycles that are ridden on the highway.

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