Our newest Ural motorcycles brochure is here! Our brochure features all available models and specs, and color options. We’ve included it all, so that you can download it, read it, and keep it on hand whenever the urge for Ural information strikes. You have a few options—options are always good—simply read the brochure below, click through to our Issu page or scroll down for the direct link to the .pdf of the brochure.

The link below will allow you to view the Ural motorcycles brochure in a new window, or you can right click—save as to have it on your computer. Additionally, the second file is a quick comparison of all available models. If this doesn’t help answer any questions you may have, be sure to check our faq, or use the contact page to request more information.


Ural Motorcycles Brochure


2012 Ural Model Comparison