We’ve always said our Solo is a blank canvas for owners, and noone knows that better than Seth Rugo. Seth has taken a Bavarian and created a beautiful Ural cafe racer. Job well done!

In Seth’s words, “The dealer St. Croix Ural had this beautiful, bone stock ’03 Bavarian Classic for sale and owner Dell Zehm made me a heck of a deal,” says Rugo. “There’s an active Ural presence up here near the twin cities—and so many cool custom Urals to see. But I wanted to go in a slightly different direction … a cafe racer.”

After two months of late nights and a few weekends, Rugo was “riding around confounding the old timers as to what and how old the bike was.” He reports that the bike is a blast to ride. “With the shortened and stiffened suspension to accommodate my mid life spread, it handles great. The engine spins fast and the power band is wide. Reduced weight and the bent clubman bars make me feel like I’m doing 100 while the speedo shows 65.” The only problem is that it takes Rugo an extra hour to do any trip—he’s invariably cornered into explaining what the Ural is, and how it’s not really from 1963. And yes, the reverse still works. (“It’s fun to pull into a parking spot on bike night and back out. That always cranks a few heads around.”)

A Ural cafe racer, and Seth reports that isn’t the end of the story, he’s working on a scrambler now!

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5 Responses to Seth Rugo—The Cafe Racer

  1. Rodney says:

    It looks very very nice.

  2. Dick says:

    Looks a lot like my ’75 BMW R75.

  3. Tony Furdock says:

    I have an ’03 BC and have thought for a long time about building a cafe/bobber from it or another solo. I’d like to communicate w/you about some specifics – like did you do anything with the forks? Mine are pretty sticky.

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  5. martin wilcox says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful motorcycle. Nice job.

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