After successfully riding from Shanghai to Paris in 2011, Thomas Chabrieres is going for round two on the Pan American Highway.  He is going to ride a Ural Gear-Up 30,000 km through 15 countries in 5 months.

To help fund his adventure, Thomas has entered a contest with Lenovo France, help his trip and vote here.  Voting is free and takes 2 seconds, just click the “je vote” button, that’s it!  We’re looking forward to hearing more about his adventure in the next year.





We love when our customers dedicate blogs to their Ural adventures and share their stories. Minnesota rider and blogger behind Everyday Riding, Chris Luhman journeys his adventures from Minnesota and beyond. One story, however, was a bit “off the beaten path,” took place right in his hometown and we enjoyed it!


Each year in Luhman’s neighborhood, there is a community block party in the parking lot of a local church boasting all sorts of family oriented fun from ring toss to hay rides. Some Ural owners and friends got together and offered free sidecar rides to kids, while other helpers got the kids set up in helmets and goggles as they waited in line.



Luhman said, “We rode in formation slowly around the neighborhood. It was a sight. The kids loved it; they were giggling and laughing the whole way. We had a good time. Looking forward to next year.”




Years ago, Laura and Sasha sold almost all of their belongings and left the house they built by hand behind. Their plan? To lead a more adventurous life living full time out of an RV traveling the US and spending time in parts of the country they deemed most beautiful.

Consumed by wanderlust, they recently added a Ural Gear-Up to their family, seen here surrounded by a herd of bison during their time in Yellowstone National Park.


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