Calling all friends in the tri-state area!


Two motorcycle lovers are getting hitched on August 10th and are looking for a Ural to be used in their wedding.  Above is the cake the groom surprised his fiancé with at their engagement party.

Photo shoots will take place in two locations, Dumbo area of Brooklyn and in Deal, NJ at the wedding hall.

If interested in lending your Ural, please contact us here, compensation offered.

We’ll put you in touch with couple and work out the details!

Ural Australia 2014 Review

Australia is ideal for adventurers. Here’s one autumn ride we’d like to share. Jon Taylor, of Ural Australia, took the new 2014 Patrol on a recent trip and shared his impressions:

“Finally the energy of these new Urals makes them a better distance tourer. Gear changes are less frequent and so are the fuel stops. We can now do more than 250 km on a tank regularly and when you open the throttle, the motor is much more willing.

On a recent trip down the Oxley Highway to Wauchope, i couldn’t help noticing how stable the steering is and the bike feels more precise to drive. We followed the winding tar road for half its 100km of gravel road over the Comboyne Plateau and on down to the coast. Two up with a week’s luggage and we still had 4.5 litres of fuel in the tank after 210 km at a good clip.

The fuel injection has had an upgraded map installed already, which has much improved the motor’s smooth running. There is still a little roughness as the motor comes off idle, but above that the motor feels crisp and willing.

There is a little bit of fine tuning required setting the new disc brake system. We have had to learn the art of getting two independent hydraulic disc brakes to work in harmony through a mechanical linkage. There is also a manual hand brake operating on the rear wheel disc and it has to be adjusted properly to get the best setting of the foot brake. These are a few new tricks that we have not worked on before, but the new brakes sure as hell pull the bike up quickly.”

-Jon Taylor, Ural Australia


New 2014 Ural Gear Up owner, Ken from North Carolina, installed a second tractor seat so he could share his journey with his wife and son. On the 4th of July, Ken and his family rode to their local fireworks show.

“Within 5 minutes of getting there,” Ken says, “there was a crowd of 20 people gathered, looking at my bike. Kids and women were taking turns sitting in the sidecar, old men were poking around on the engine and admiring how it was built.”

This is a perfect example of what we call UDF, or Ural Delay Factor.  No matter where you go, be prepared to be stopped, asked for photos, questions, and stories.  It’s one of our favorite parts of owning a Ural!

You can email us here to share one of your own UDF moments, we’d love to hear it!


21st century Urals tougher than ever. Factory managers and engineers took five 2014′s on a trip to Chistop Khrebet, the area in the northern Ural mountains near where the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident occurred. Motorcycles are stock except modified intake and exhaust system for water crossing. Hours of video from this escapade is being edited now, a short film is coming soon. In the meantime, watch this raw footage.

Ural Motorcycles, June 2014

Tom and Brad

Tom and his son Brad in their new Ural Gear-Up. Brad was blinded and paralyzed in an accident when he was 18. This is the first time in 17 years they’ve been able to share their mutual love for riding motorcycles together again. Congrats guys, may there be lots of open roads for you both in the years ahead!

Photo Courtesy Of Motocross Action Mag

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