Convenience, utility, the adventure, all of it is available, enhanced, and incredibly easy to enjoy on a Ural. You can take a Ural anywhere—evidenced by the across the country adventures you can read about such as this one—or you can take your Ural down the street for groceries. With the sidecar, your passenger or your laundry, is right next to you.

Disregard function for a minute and study the lines of the bike. Shaped from timeless motorcycle designs of the past, the Ural looks like nothing you’ll see during your commute, or weekend blast up and down your local fire roads. The bikes are built by humans, working in the same factory that has manufactured Urals for 70 years. The sidecar is something utilitarian and dreamy—a combination of wanderlust and practicality—combined in a manner nearly unavailable in any other form but ours, the Ural.

Riding a sidecar equipped motorcycle, is unlike any other two-wheeled experience you could find. The third wheel, and the addition of the passenger, creates a ride different than a motorcycle. Ride a Ural around the block, and the word fun is predominant in your riding vocabulary. If you ever rode a quad, or  three-wheeler as a kid—ripping across fields and bouncing across bumpy terrain—its a street legal version of those days. The sidecar—and third wheel—lets you focus on so many other immediate sensations. Study the braking or the acceleration, without worrying too much about your balance, your mind is free to focus on so many of the other sensations a motorcycle provides. Equipped with a Brembo front brake and Marzocchi or Sachs suspension, the ride is as modern as possible. It does take time to learn how to pilot a sidecar to perfection, and it is worthwhile to read our page on safety and training here.

Photo courtesy of Basem Wasef and