We are excited to share the  2014 Ural model line up.  With the introduction of a number of advanced technical and functional features in 2014, we’ve made Urals better, safer and more user-friendly, while still maintaining Ural’s classic looks, ruggedness and unpretentious character.   Read about the  upgrades we introduced in 2014, and see the 2014 Model Comparison chart for additional information.

Ural Gear Up Asphalt Gray

Gear Up- Asphalt, MSRP $15,999*

PageLines- GearUp-Main.jpg

Gear Up – Sage Green, MSRP $15,999*


Gear Up – Battleship Blue, MSRP $15,999*

PageLines- Patrol-Main.jpg

Patrol – Red/White, MSRP $15,599* (Also comes in Black/Silver combination)


Patrol – Blue, MSRP $15,399*


Ural T – Flat Black (Also comes in Red), MSRP $12,399

2014 Retro models will be available Spring 2014.

* Prices do not include shipping, taxes, other fees. Dealers’ prices may vary.

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11 Responses to 2014 Models and Prices

  1. Kip says:

    Your 2014 comparison chart says the new Patrol will have a sidecar windshield, but the Gear Up won’t. Isn’t this opposite of what they have been? NONE of the ’14 pictures show a windshield on the bike or tub for any model.

  2. Gary lytle says:

    Very nice looking lineup for 2014. Think I’ll be trading my HD for one this year.

  3. Lizzie Mann says:

    Love the new colours! Especially red/white. We will have to wait and see about the new fuel injection. Disk brakes are a good idea. The steering hydraulic damper is an added plus for stability.

    We have a green Patrol 2012 and love it. The best part is that my husband can do the work on it himself. We spray our bike with W.D. 40 and ride all winter. We were in the Santa Claus Parade here in St. Andrews , New Brunswick.

    For years we have ridden on our Honda ST 1300, racking up some 300,000 km. All our holidays and weekends were spent riding “somewhere” on the bike. We are now experiencing a new kind of riding with our Ural. It is a slower, more relaxed ride. On the other bike we were almost always watching for police waiting to hand out tickets. The ST 1300 flew! Now, we get thumbs up and waves from trucks, cars and police. It was the best purchase ever! Lizzie Mann

  4. Ron Bohl says:

    Thank you for sending me the info. on the 2014 models….Ron

  5. Daniel K says:

    I can’t wait to see them is person at my dealer.
    The colours looks great!
    Now to see who will be the first one to own it in South Africa! :)
    Great job guys!
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Peter Coffin says:

    Are the Tourist models discontinued?

  7. Nathan says:

    Can the new timing cover with spin on oil fiter be used on my 2010Solo sT and / or my ’94 Tourist 650 ? .

    If so please provide the part #’s necessary to order .



  8. Dr. Susan Kelly says:

    Gorgeous! Do you have one in a gold color? Of what you show – I like the black the best. Please tell me about your financing…Susan

  9. Dr Terrance R Mills Jr JD PhD says:

    The T.V. show, “Covert Affairs”, had a returning character, playing an counter intelligence operative, and one of the things he repeated several tonnes, was that, his area of Russia, I believe it was the Southern region, manufactured an world class motor cycle, and most the world didn’t know it. Well, I certainly found it today. Thank you, and I. Can’t wait to buy one this year.

  10. Lance Bennett says:

    Any info regarding Canadian prices?

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